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Dr C. Mercer-Quinn & Associates
Director & Lead Consultant 
Chartered Fellow BPsS. 
HCPC Registered



Throughout our lives, we can experience ups and downs which may leave us struggling to cope. You may find yourself feeling sad but unable to pinpoint why, or finding it hard to move on with life following trauma or bereavement. No matter what you have found yourself struggling with, it is important to recognise that your feelings are valid and asking for support is a great first step.


Here at REFLECT Innovations based in Yarm, Dr Coleen Mercer-Quinn, an award-winning Consultant Psychologist and academic, will explore bespoke psychological therapies with clients, enabling individuals to manage and improve the quality of their daily lives. 


With over 25 years of experience in the psychology field, Coleen has the ability and character to work with children, adults, professionals, couples, groups and corporate organisations as well as other services.


Reflect Innovations Corporate provides a flexible framework to influence through leadership and training to provide practical solutions for Corporate clients.


If you have decided that you may need some support in the form of psychological therapy, then get in touch with Coleen at Reflect Innovations today for a free consultation. 

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