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About Me

I am a Chartered Fellow of the British Psychological Society and an HCPC Registered Psychologist with 25 years of clinical experience.


Under the terms of the Royal Charter, I uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism promoting ethical behaviour to ensure a dignified and respectful greeting to individuals, groups and corporate clients across the social and cultural spectrum.

As a Registered Applied Practitioner Psychologist Supervisor (RAPPS) I maintain the highest professional standards that operate within legal frameworks to accord all regulatory requirements. 


As a highly qualified experienced Practitioner Psychologist, I provide psychological therapy, psychological assessments and therapeutic expertise to facilitate psychological care from a range of biopsychosocial models. 


I have extensive experience in service provision within the following areas NHS, Health & Social Care, Primary, Secondary, College & Higher Education, Ministry of Defence (MOD), Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Children & Families Services, Specialist Personality Disorders Services, Adult & Child Eating Disorder Services (Inpatient & Outpatient), Health Psychology, Pain Management, Expert Witness Assessments, Specialist Supervision, Peer Supervision.




BSc Hons Psychology



Group Analysis [PGDip.GA]

Myers Briggs Senior Leadership Training 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy [DBT]

Professional Body and Membership 

 Registered with Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) 

 Chartered Fellow British Psychological Society (FBPsS) 

BPS Registered Applied Psychologist Supervisor (RAPPS)


NHS Innovations Award Winner ReFleCT (Recovery) Programme 2016.


Research Published 2017


Awarded Fellow Of The British Psychological Society for making a significant contribution to the advancement of psychology.


I am a keynote speaker and have previously presented at local, regional, national and international conferences in matters relating to consultant practice.


I am a fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), a Chartered BPS Practitioner Psychologist and a Registered Applied Psychology Practitioner Supervisor (RAPPS).


Professional Body and Membership - Health and Care Professionals Council [HCPC]


Professional Body and Membership Fellow British Psychological Society

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