About Me

I am a Chartered Fellow of the British Psychological Society and an HCPC Registered Psychologist with 25 years of clinical experience. Under the terms of the Royal Charter, I uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism promoting ethical behaviour to ensure a dignified and respectful greeting to individuals, groups and corporate clients across the social and cultural spectrum.


As a Registered Applied Practitioner Psychologist Supervisor (RAPPS) I maintain the highest professional standards that operate within legal frameworks to accord all regulatory requirements. 


As a highly qualified experienced Practitioner Psychologist, I provide psychological therapy, psychological assessments and therapeutic expertise to facilitate psychological care from a range of biopsychosocial models. 


I have extensive experience in service provision within the following areas NHS, Health & Social Care, Primary, Secondary, College & Higher Education, Ministry of Defence (MOD), Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Children & Families Services, Specialist Personality Disorders Services, Adult & Child Eating Disorder Services (Inpatient & Outpatient), Health Psychology, Pain Management, Expert Witness Assessments, Specialist Supervision, Peer Supervision.




BSc Hons Psychology



Group Analysis [PGDip.GA]

Myers Briggs Senior Leadership Training 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy [DBT]

Professional Body and Membership 

 Registered with Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) 

 Chartered Fellow British Psychological Society (FBPsS) 

BPS Registered Applied Psychologist Supervisor (RAPPS)


NHS Innovations Award Winner 1st Place: ReFleCT (Recovery) Programme.  Published 2017


NHS Innovations Award 


Awarded Fellow Of The British Psychological Society for making a significant contribution to the advancement of psychology.


I am a been a keynote speaker and presented at local, regional, national and international conferences in matters relating to consultant practice.


I am a fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), a Chartered BPS Practitioner Psychologist and a registered Applied Psychology Practitioner Supervisor (RAPPS).


Professional Body and Membership - Health and Care Professionals Council [HCPC]


Professional Body and Membership Fellow British Psychological Society