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After considerable research into therapy and therapist, I reached out to many,  but following my initial consultation with Coleen, I decided to trial the therapy services she recommended.

Coleen’s approach to my therapy from the planning, preparation, (albeit subtly) and the communication at all times, is clear, thought through and with compassion, which delivers great rewards for me. 

From reviewing the “Reflect Innovation” Online presence through to today, every word written, and spoken is delivered upon. My journey is still progressing, and I am so happy I have Coleen to support me along the way”.


Coleen has been amazing in helping me to identify and begin to overcome my issues in a very short space of time. I feel we have been able to build up a fantastic working relationship almost instantly, which having had therapy numerous times in the past, really does make Coleen a standout therapist for me.


We continue to work together, and I look forward to our sessions and working in a whole variety of different ways which can be anything from fun to emotionally challenging, but always very beneficial to me.


My confidence has grown immensely, and I feel our working relationship has enabled me to grow as a person and realise I have all it takes to meet any challenge life throws at me.


I started my therapeutic journey with Coleen seven months ago. 
Coleen provides me with a safe environment, that allows me to feel anchored at all times. 

During moments of distress and difficulty, Coleen contained me and helped me to build my own resources to cope. Coleen provides a non-judgemental approach, which allowed me to share aspects of myself such as sexual identity, culture and religion.


Coleen has helped me to build an insight into my personal experiences, this enabled me not only to grow personally but develop my own path.

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